CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Managing Finance

Without finance, an organisation simply cannot function. How would it source the materials for its products? How would it pay workers or reward shareholders? Because finance is so integral to operations, understanding how finance is managed is a crucial skill for managers in every department and industry.

This course is designed to provide helpful insights and practical advice on how finance is sourced, managed and used. Whether you’re a finance manager or not, this knowledge is vital for ensuring that your team and organisation has the resources it needs to excel.

6 credits and 60 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

    • How finance interacts with and influences other areas of the organisation so you can collaborate successfully
    • How the financial objectives of the business can impact the decisions made across the business, ensuring that your own decisions will always be progressing the business towards its goals
    • The difference between management and financial accounting, which will help you understand and contextualise what data is required for different financial reports
    • The challenges and regulations faced when managing finance so you fully grasp what effective and compliant financial management looks like for your organisation
    • How budgets are defined, formed and justified so you know how to create an effective budget tailored for your area of the organisation
    • Factors that impact effective budget management to help you monitor a budget and ensure it’s adhered to correctly
    • How to correct and report on issues with budgets so you know the most appropriate way to take action when issues arise

    How we’ll help:

    After all of this, you will have a stronger understanding of what managing finance means for you, your team and your organisation. This understanding is the key to leading the charge towards a more cost-effective, successful and profitable organisation in the future.