CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Principles of Developing a Skilled and Talented Workforce

Whether it be the workers assembling products on the production line or the finance team analysing data to aid decision-making, ultimately, it is the business’s workforce that drives its success. Therefore it is vital for any business that its workers are skilled enough to perform to their full potential.

But how can you make sure that your workforce’s skills and talent are up to scratch? Well, that’s where development comes in! However, to fully develop a workforce, you must first develop your own understanding, skills and resources for creating successful development schemes.

4 credits and 40 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

    • How workforce development impacts an organisation and its stakeholders so you can fully explain the benefits and earn leadership buy-in to proposed programmes
    • How regulations and internal goals and objectives could determine the provision of specific development opportunities so that you can ensure organisational compliance and alignment
    • The role of the manager in workforce development so you know exactly what is expected of you or other managers in helping their teams go above and beyond
    • The nature of the typical challenges you may encounter when developing your workforce and how to overcome them so you will be highly adaptable to potential setbacks
    • To identify the type of development opportunities that will be most effective in different situations and circumstances to enable you to make successful choices
    • How technology can be used to deliver development programmes so you can utilise every resource available to make learning as effective as it can be
    • Methods for measuring and sustaining the impact of development so that you can maximise its benefits

    How we’ll help:

    We have provided overviews and explanations on a wide variety of key points from the CMI syllabus, as well as highlighting links to helpful resources to aid your learning.

    With the help of the materials in this course, you’ll be on track to develop a workforce capable of propelling your organisation to success!