CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Leading Individuals and Teams to Achieve Success

A good leader doesn’t exist in isolation. On the contrary, their success is dependent on their ability to be an effective leader of people, whether that be individuals or teams. The job of a leader, then, is not about focusing only on yourself as a leader but learning how to have a positive impact on others.

It is essential that all leaders understand the importance of motivating teams,  optimising their performance and ensuring that they are ultimately successful. To that end, this course covers:

5 credits and 50 total learning hours

What you’ll learn:

  • How to foster an effective working environment, where your team and its members have clear, practical objectives to reach
  • Delegation, empowerment and engagement approaches that are tailored to individual team members
  • How to assess current and future capabilities to help you to plug any gaps and develop your team
  • How to address the practical factors that may limit your ability to develop your team
  • How to monitor and measure your team’s performance against set goals and targets and use this information to support and develop your team members
  • How to overcome the challenges associated with leading different types of teams

  • How to motivate and reward your team members to achieve and sustain high productivity levels

How we’ll help:

To assist your progress, we’ll be providing you with an insight into a range of key syllabus concepts, as well as providing links to resources that will prove useful for completing the required tasks.

By the end of this course, you will be able to motivate and inspire any team to achieve success!