CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Managing Budgets and Resources

Organisations of all sizes use budgets to allocate resources, determine activities and measure performance, making them an essential tool for moving an organisation towards its goals. However, the range of activities and resources are vast and that can make effectively managing a budget a daunting task for managers.

Fortunately, as long as you understand how and why budgets are used, you can develop an approach to managing budgets and resources that will lead to desired results while providing value for money in the organisation.

5 credits and 50 total learning hours

On completing this course you will know:
  • How to identify the resources for which you are responsible and appreciate the importance of managing them effectively
  • Approaches to use to ensure that resources are managed effectively so you can achieve value for money in the organisation
  • The types and purpose of budgets for organisations and the best approach to managing them
  • About the various types of costs and how you can use budget information to make better decisions 
  • The various tools and methods for cost management that will keep you within the budget
  • What to do when there is an issue or the budget needs to be updated

How we’ll help:

There may be more to managing budgets and resources than you think, but it’s nothing that can’t be learned with the right approach! To help you on your journey, we’ve produced an overview of some of the key syllabus content along with references and resources to help you complete your tasks.