CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Managing Daily Activities to Achieve Results

Daily activities are taken as a given, but they actually require a lot of thought and attention. If these most fundamental of activities are not done well, then the organisation will fail.

Managers and leaders must be able to direct teams and individuals towards the completion of daily activities in line with the organisation’s needs and goals. This requires a robust understanding of how to manage daily activities to achieve results.

4 credits and 40 total learning hours

By working through this course, you will gain the skills and understanding required to make you a manager who understands:

    • How  organisations use daily work activities to achieve goals so you can understand your role in delivering results
    • How to properly prioritise activities so they are completed in the most useful order for the team and organisation
    • How to set effective objectives that ensure daily activities contribute towards achieving targets and vision
    • The key considerations and tools that will help you to organise and allocate work
    • The resources and support you can provide to your team to enable them to complete daily activities
    • How to monitor progress and respond so that problems don’t affect results
    • Ways of providing constructive feedback and having difficult conversations so you can maintain a positive and effective working environment

    How we’ll help:

    To assist your progress, we’ll be providing you with insights into a range of key syllabus concepts, as well as links to resources that will prove useful for completing the required tasks.

    Managing daily activities to deliver results – you’ll be an expert!