CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Contributing to the Delivery of a Project

From renovating antique furniture to building a suspension bridge, projects are an integral part of the modern world and workplace. If you haven’t already, you will almost certainly be involved in a project during your career.

But, successfully delivering a project requires a keen understanding of both project development and management. Managers who have these skills and can drive their organisation forwards are highly valued.

6 credits and 60 total learning hours

To get you to that stage, this course will take you through the following key lessons:

    • Why and how organisations use projects as a way to achieve goals so you can understand your role in delivering a project
    • The key stages of project development and the information you need to create a plan that will be effective
    • How to include stakeholders in the project development process so you can incorporate their needs
    • The key considerations when assigning roles within a project to ensure everyone involved is able to hit their targets 
    • Ensure the successful delivery of a project by identifying and managing associated risks 
    • How to monitor the progress of a project and take corrective actions to ensure success
    • How to evaluate the ultimate success of a project and learn key lessons for future projects

    How we’ll help:

    When you take this course, you will be guided through the key topics via our additional notes and resources to assist you in gaining the understanding you need to successfully complete your tasks.