CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Building Stakeholder Relationships Using Effective Communication

With enough power and interest, stakeholders can have a big impact on what your organisation does. Stakeholders such as shareholders, lenders or employees, can even have the power to block decisions that they don’t like. So, how can you get your stakeholders on your side?

To ensure stakeholders support strategic decisions, organisations must know how to build strong relationships that foster mutual trust and respect. This type of relationship is only possible through effective channels of communication.

4 credits and 40 total learning hours

This course represents a comprehensive guide to stakeholder management that will help you:

    • Understand how building good relationships with stakeholders can lead your organisation to success
    • Determine the relevant stakeholders for a particular decision so they can be included in the process
    • Understand what key stakeholders need and expect from the organisation so you can keep them satisfied
    • Chose the most effective communication methods that will build strong relationships with stakeholders
    • Understand and overcome barriers to effective communication, ensuring you and your stakeholders really understand one another
    • Gather and implement feedback from stakeholders to improve relationships and move your organisation forward

    How we’ll help:

    Our guide through this course will provide you with the key insights, resources and understanding required to succeed in both your tasks and professional career.

    It’s time to understand your stakeholders so you can begin to move forward together.