CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Principles of Management and Leadership

They say that people don’t quit companies, they quit their bosses. While there are many reasons for bad managers, a major one is that people simply end up in management positions without ever really learning how to properly manage or lead their team, department or company.

Managers and leaders must have a particular skill set and a knowledge base in order to be effective and inspiring. Learning how to become a great manager or leader (or both!) early on will help to ensure your success in such a role.

7 credits and 70 total learning hours

This CMI course is designed to teach you:

  • How understanding the way in which your organisation operates can help you to be a more effective manager
  • How to clarify your roles and responsibilities to ensure you can be a great leader for your organisation
  • How managers are different to leaders, why it matters and why both are needed for success
  • How to adapt your management or leadership approach, ensuring you can be flexible and effective in different scenarios
  • The core knowledge and skills you need to stand out as an exceptional leader capable of driving your organisation forward
  • How being a good manager will have a positive and long-lasting influence on your staff, customers and organisation as a whole

How we’ll help:

Learning to be a good manager or inspiring leader takes time and a willingness to learn. To help you on your journey, we’ve produced a guide to the key syllabus content along with references and resources that will not only help you complete the tasks but also become the manager that makes people want to stay rather than leave!