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The pre-seen is at the heart of every case study exam, and to secure a pass, you must be confident that you fully understand the company and its industry.

Why? Well, the examiner expects nothing less than your ability to put EVERYTHING you’ve learned into the context of the pre-seen scenario.

However, with only two weeks to prepare once the pre-seen is released, your time is precious!

Over the years, we’ve helped tens of thousands of students pass their case study exams, and our team of case study experts knows exactly what it takes to pass. In creating our pre-seen pack, they have put in a lot of the hard work for you, crafting a comprehensive pack that analyses the case and provides you with two mock exams tailored to the pre-seen itself.

All in all, the pack has been designed with one thing in mind. To boost your chances of passing.

Oh, and best of all, our pre-seen pack is completely free!

Why free?

Well, we’re keen to establish ourselves as one of the go-to ACCA SBL tuition providers, and we hope you love our material so much you won’t help but recommend our packs to others and consider upgrading to our course if you are struggling to pass and want personal support to get through this exam. It’s as simple as that!

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“I came across Astranti study materials while preparing for my ACCA SBL exam. The material was extremely extensive and detailed and I appreciate the breakdown videos for the preseen case study, they were very helpful as well as the other documents such as the industry analysis that gave me a further insight into the industry I was going to be assessed on. The two mock exams were the cherry on top, those questions throughly equipped me for the exam and fortunately enough the exam had similar type of questions so it gave me extra confidence. I would recommend Astranti as a learning provider to anyone doing their SBL studies you will not go wrong I guarantee this.”

Izhani Nzwaligwa

September 2023


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+ Industry analysis document

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ACCA SBL Pre-seen

Maximise your marks

Expert insights from experienced tutors

Highlights the most important points

Focus on what’s most likely to gain marks

ACCA SBL Pre-seen Analysis

Minimise study time

Focus your study time on the key topics

Comprehensive analysis saving hours of research

Makes the connections with the theory for you

ACCA SBL Mock Exams

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Two realistic mock exams

Test your pre-seen knowledge under exam conditions

Practice your exam technique

Pre-seen pack content

Pre-seen analysis

It’s vital that you fully analyse your pre-seen. This requires a detailed examination of the case study ensuring that every section is fully understood.

Our pre-seen analysis videos provide a page-by-page analysis of every section of the pre-seen. It ensures you don’t miss anything important and helps to build a comprehensive understanding of the material. This is vital if you are to gain high marks in the exam.

Strategic analysis

It’s extremely important that you have the ability to identify how the pre-seen relates to key models and theory from ACCA SBL specification. The examiners expect students to demonstrate a good understanding of the models and theories and make the appropriate links to the case study during the exam.

It can be hard to fully analyse a company using models you’ve only recently learned and be confident you’ve got it right. Our strategic analysis has done the hard work for you!


Top 10 most likely issues

The top 10 issues identifies the 10 most likely issues to appear in the exam. Our ACCA SBL expert gives guidance on how to deal with the issues in your answers, provides advice on which models to use and key points you should raise.

This product includes:

  • 10 detailed “could be” issues that may come up in the exam and guidance on how to deal with them in your answer including advice on which models to use and key points you should raise
  • The document gives summary slides for each of the issues
  • The video provides our expert’s analysis of why that issue is so important and how to apply it to the exam
Industry analysis

While you don’t need to do further industry research to pass this exam, we believe a wider industry knowledge will enable you to provide better advice based on what’s happening in the real world. And that’s what the examiners want – practical, real-life advice applicable to the case study company.

Our expert team has spent hours researching the industry for you, finding the information to help you achieve a wider perspective of the industry.

This analysis document includes:

  • A quick overview of the industry and its background
  • A review of the current market and competitors
2x Mock exams

Once you have worked through the pre-seen materials, you can test your understanding with our mock exams.

No matter how well you know the theory, all that revision is worthless unless you can use your knowledge in exam conditions.

Our detailed solutions allow you to understand where you went wrong quickly and easily in your own time.

Our two mock exams based on the pre-seen allow you to:

  • Test your knowledge in exam situations
  • Highlight your weaknesses to help streamline your revision going forward
  • Improve time management skills
  • Increase your confidence going into your exam

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Definitely recommend them for SBL (first time pass). The case was broken down in a way that helped me understand and remember. The analysis was worked on thoroughly and the team worked very hard to produce the best.”

Urmi Ahmed

October 2023

“I want to say a big thank for pre-seen materials, I even can’t expect to pass the exam with 59 mark, it was my 3rd time, and I can say that I really struggle with fast writing, but mostly due to my English level, that I need to improve. But all pre-seen materials helped me so well that I noticed that my writing was really faster and I spent less time to think about each point. I was happy with how I did the exam and now I happy with result. Thank you for your work.

Yelyzaveta Vydrenko

October 2023

“I came to know about Astranti from tiktok. I was scrolling to get some tips for SBL paper September 23 sitting. The pre-seen pack helps me a lot.

Nuryshah Rahman

September 2023

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+ 2 mock exams based on the pre-seen
+ Full analysis of the pre-seen
+ Full strategic analysis
+ Top 10 most likely issues to come up in the exam
+ Industry analysis document

Note: Your pre-seen materials will be available within a week of the release of the ACCA pre-seen for your chosen exam sitting. If you sign up before this, we’ll let you know via email when they can be accessed via our online studyHUB.