ACCA Study Texts

Simplifying even the most complex topics

Some ACCA study texts can be extremely difficult to follow. Many lack clear explanations or meaningful examples, making it really tricky to get to grips with the content.

That’s not our style!

At Astranti, our mission is to create engaging and interesting content, breaking down difficult concepts to make them easy to learn.

Our ACCA study texts help you with even the trickiest topics by:

  • Presenting the theory in an engaging way to make it come alive
  • Using examples throughout to ‘tell a story’, making complex topics easier to understand
  • Breaking down difficult calculations into steps, with clear explanations for each one
  • Offering diagrams to visually represent content as you learn

If you’re tired of slogging through massive, overly theoretical textbooks while prepping for your exams, you’re in the right place!

“The teaching is perfect with very good common real life examples.”

Maharnawa Sarma

Astranti ACCA Student, May 2024


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ACCA study texts

Covers the entire syllabus

Written alongside the official ACCA syllabus

Ensures nothing is left out that you could be tested on

Aligned with our videos and questions

ACCA text books

Minimises your study time

Focus on what you need to know to pass

Clear and simple examples make your learning easier

Use online, print or download to learn in the way that suits you

ACCA study notes

Simplifies complex topics

Written by our expert team with simplification as the goal

Examples bring the syllabus to life to make learning easier

Clear language used throughout, cutting out the jargon

Why free?

We’re always looking to help as many people pass their exams as possible!

For that reason, we try to add as much value as possible through everything that we do.

Designed to give you all the information you need, but in a way that is easy to digest and understand with clear examples, useful diagrams where needed and simple language throughout, our study texts provide the basis for all the premium study materials that we offer.

And, to give you the best platform for a successful ACCA study journey, we’ve made our full ACCA syllabus study texts available to access for free!

Downloadable ACCA study text

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“Great resources at affordable prices. Always used to use Kaplan before I found Astranti. I felt that Kaplan’s text books were difficult to digest with pages of waffle so Astranti’s straight forward approach was much appreciated.”


Astranti Accountancy Student, November 2023

“What I really liked were Astranti’s Study texts. They were written in this engaging, interactive way which I personally found very interesting (I usually zone out and get really bored) when I have to read extremely theoretical content.”

Clare E

Astranti Accountancy Student, December 2020

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ACCA Financial Accounting (FA)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Management Accounting (MA)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Business & Technology (BT)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Corporate & Business Law (LW)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Performance Management (PM)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Taxation (TX)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Financial Reporting (FR)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Audit & Assurance (AA)
Online/Printable Study Text


ACCA Financial Management (FM)
Online/Printable Study Text


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