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There’s been a lot to learn from the new pre-seen-based ACCA SBL exams.

After each exam, we’ve been asking students what went well, and, perhaps more importantly for future students, what didn’t go well.

The results have been clear…

There was one particular thing that students struggled with more than any. Time management.

A massive 60% of students have said they wish they’d spent more time developing their time management skills.

In response to this, the Astranti team put their heads together, and created a dedicated Time Management Guide, to help future students deal with this issue in their own SBL exams.

And, what’s more, the guide is absolutely free to use!

You can watch a snippet from the free guide here, covering 3 out of 9 time-saving tips, AND you can access the complete guide absolutely for free when you start your free ACCA membership!

ACCA SBL Time Management

What it takes to pass

Learn exactly why you need to improve your time management skills for the ACCA SBL exam.

Managing time in the ACCA SBL exam

Managing your time

Understand the importance of planning and our recommended approach to splitting your time in the exam.

ACCA SBL time management tips

9x time saving tips

Discover our 9 key time-saving tips for the ACCA SBL exam, boosting your chances of passing your exam.

What our students say about us

“Being a complete self-study student, SBL was the first major challenge in my overall journey. For the first time I was not able to clear SBL in June session, therefore was looking for a resource that would boost my confidence. Astranti’s timing just couldn’t be better.

Kamaal Lalani

ACCA SBL Student, September 2023

“I want to say a big thank for pre seen materials, I even can’t expect to pass the exam with 59 mark, it was my 3rd time, and I can say that I really struggle with fast writing, but mostly due to my English level, that I need to improve. But all pre-seen materials helped me so well that I noticed that my writing was really faster and I spent less time to think about each point. I was happy with how I did the exam and now I happy with result. Thank you for your work.”

Yelyzaveta Vydrenko

ACCA SBL Student, September 2023

“Definitely recommend them for SBL ( first time pass).the case was broken down in way that helped me understand and remember. The analysis was worked on throughly and the team worked very hard to produce the best.”

Urmi Ahmed

ACCA SBL Student, October 2023

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