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Our students

“A huge thank you to Astranti who have created such amazing content for each CIMA certificate level paper, which I am currently studying.

The explanations with real life examples are the best way to learn as you can easily relate. Each chapter has all key points covered which are relevant for the exams. All questions and tests provide you with a detailed explanation if you select the wrong answer.

Thank you for all your hard work and amazing study materials! Forever grateful and thankful.”


CIMA Certificate Student, April 2018

“I used these guys for E3… I bought the exam practice kit and the mock exams for £49.99 and I couldn’t fault it!

I’d used other well known tuition providers for a source of question practice and Astranti’s were so much better and related to the exam itself. I would definitely recommend!!

You also get other exam materials for free. Absolutely fantastic product and very good at preparing you for the real exam!”

Fay Broderick

Passed CIMA E3, October 2017

“I am delighted to say that I have passed the SCS exam on my first attempt with a scaled score of 104. I would like to thank the entire Astranti team for being so supportive throughout my CIMA journey. A special thanks to my marker who has been so supportive and patient with me. His marking and feedback really helped me improve my answer style. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Peter Stiff who has been so supportive in answering all my doubts through the tutor forum.

Finally, I would like to thank all my fellow students who have actively taken part in the discussion forum that helped me understand certain key elements of the pre-seen and also made me look at aspects of the exam that didn’t strike me in the first instance. Thank you all once again!”

Radha Lakshmi Sriram

Passed CIMA SCS, February 2018

“Thanks to Astranti, I finally passed the Management Case Study on my 3rd attempt. The first try in August 2017 was using another provider and their webinars, which unfortunately lead to a fail.

Without any real feedback from CIMA, I was at a loss on how to proceed as I had been very confident before getting the result! For November 2017, I switched to Astranti on a recommendation. I used their video only package but unfortunately failed again but this time only narrowly. For February 2018, I upgraded to utilise Astranti’s 3 marked mock exams and feedback (as well as the videos again)

I am very happy to have passed with a score well over the 80 passmark – 98/150 with strong performance markings in the business and integration sections.”

Barry Braham

Passed CIMA MCS, February 2018

2018 Astranti Prizewinners

Rose Fox – February OCS joint 4th
Faris Yaghmour – February MCS 1st
Rhiannon Young – February MCS joint 5th
Joshua Tonkin – February SCS joint 2nd
Maryam Khan – February SCS joint 2nd
Olayemi Olaleye – February SCS joint 2nd
Prina Desai – February SCS joint 2nd

Will you make it onto the list?

2017 Astranti Prizewinners

Thomas Wathey – August OCS 1st
Benjamin Sygo – August OCS 3rd
Annis Pears – May OCS joint 3rd
Prina Desai – May MCS 1st
Alex Bridgland – February SCS joint 4th
Ravinder Shoor – February SCS joint 4th

 2016 Astranti Prizewinners

Maria Koch – November OCS 1st
Jennifer Irvine – November SCS joint 1st
Kieran Rees – November SCS joint 1st
Mark Coulter – November SCS joint 1st
Stewart Steele – August SCS joint 4th
Jason Sheth – August SCS joint 4th
Johannes Wolff – May SCS joint 3rd
Pang Ye Fun – May SCS joint 5th
Joanna Mangala – February SCS joint 4th

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