CPD Course - Measuring Performance: How to Drive Your Team's Success

Unit 2 – Leadership

Is a leader the same as a manager? What’s the difference? How should you decide what leadership approach or style to use? Does it matter?

Well, an appropriate leadership style will inspire and motivate others resulting in the achievement of the goals of the team and ultimately those of the organisation. But it isn’t a once and for all decision. Various events or circumstances will require you to change the approach you use in order to stay effective.

If this is all starting to sound very confusing, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

What you’ll learn:

    • The differing roles and responsibilities that leadership can include in organisations so that you are aware of the potential breadth of the task ahead of you
    • How leadership differs from management and the relationship between the two
    • How to evaluate leadership styles so you can tailor your approach to your team’s needs both now and in line with any changes in the future
    • The internal and external factors to look out for and take into account to ensure your leadership approach remains appropriate
    • The overall impact of leadership on the successfulness of the business so that you can fully appreciate  the importance of this role
    • The part played by trust and empowerment in effective leadership to enable you to employ these successfully with respect to your team members
    • How to use your leadership to create a unified team to ensure that everyone is working effectively together to achieve the team’s goals