The Keys To Passing The ACCA SBL Exam

I’m sure you’re aware, ACCA SBL only became a pre-seen-based exam in September 2023. 

And, having worked with CIMA students on pre-seen-based exams for more than 17 years, I thought this was a great opportunity for the Astranti to enter the world of ACCA tuition.

It’s proved to be an excellent move so far.

In fact, in just two exam sessions, more than 3,000 of you have signed up for our free pre-seen analysis pack!

We’ll be giving away our free pre-seen pack again for the March exam, but there’s a lot more to passing the SBL exam that you can do before the pre-seen is released. 

As promised, I’ve recorded a short video taking you through all the key things you need to do to pass the exam this March, and it’s available now. 

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