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Coronavirus – Student Advice & Updates

Latest updates 

Coronavirus is now having a serious affect on people around the world. There are many ways to stay up to date and it’s important that you are aware of the impact that it is having on CIMA and your studies.

We advise that you carefully monitor CIMA’s Coronavirus Updates Page. On this page you will  find some useful links for tracking the impact on exams and events in your specific location, as well as other useful advice that you may find helpful in the current situation.

27/03/2020 – May 2020 case study exams to go ahead!

As announced by CIMA, the case study exams for May 2020 are scheduled to go ahead. However, given the fact that test centres are likely to be closed for the forseeable future, CIMA have announced that they are making plans for case study students to take the exams at home! More information is likely to be released by CIMA in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

How are your exams affected?

We recommend that you regularly visit the Pearson Vue website to get the latest updates for the exam centres closest to you.

Pearson Vue have also released the following document that gives advice on scheduling and attending your exams during this period: Pearson Vue Exam Advice.

Have an exam scheduled?

If you’ve booked your exam date, then CIMA have confirmed that the exam will go ahead unless you receive an exam cancellation email which will include steps for rescheduling.

Want to book an exam?

If you are looking to book an exam, then CIMA advise that there may be less availability than normal during this time. However, when scheduling your exam, only available test centres will appear in your search. If your closest centre is closed, you may need to look outside of your usual search area.

What does it mean for Astranti?

As a precautionary measure, our team members are now working remotely. This is to prevent any potential spread of infection throughout the company should any of our staff show any symptoms.

As an online business, we are still fully functional and do not expect to have to stop operations at any point throughout the duration of the coronavirus outbreak. We will continue to support and offer you advice throughout your studies over the coming weeks and months.

Advice for home working & studying

If you will be working from home over the coming weeks  you will need to be as effective as possible.

For lots of tips on balancing your work-life-study time at home, we recommend that you join our student-led Facebook groups. There is already lots of suggestions for you to incorporate into your own home-working, as well as many other CIMA exam hints and tips from both your fellow students and our Astranti tutors.

You can join the discussions in the groups below:

CIMA Certificate Facebook Group       CIMA Operational Facebook Group       CIMA Management Facebook Group       CIMA Strategic Facebook Group

Join the Astranti Community: 

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