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What is CMI?

The short and simple answer to this question is, it’s the management and leadership professional body! It is to management and leadership, what CIMA is to management accounting, what CIM is to marketing, or what CIPD is to HR, and so on!

It’s also the only chartered management and leadership accreditation you can earn in the UK!
CMI’s vision is for all businesses to be better led and managed. They’ve been working closely with both professional and academic institutions for over 70 years to achieve this aim, by ensuring that all members have the skills and the knowledge needed to become better, more progressive managers.
They’ve done a pretty good job of achieving this aim so far. According to Oxford Economics research, on average, each chartered manager boosts their organisation’s revenue by £310,000 over a five year period! So it’s not hard to see why there are over 143,000 members.

Join this active community of high flying professional leaders now and receive lifetime access to thousands of hours of practical and applied guidance to be the best manager you can possibly be!

    Why you should take a CMI course!

    Gain... a respected qualification

    • Join the CMI community of over 143,000 members
    • 88% of CMI members said it increased their confidence as a leader
    • £13,000 pay rise on average when qualified as a chartered manager
    • 76% of members say that Chartered Manager status provides the “ultimate competitive advantage”

    Become... a better manager

    • Coaching sessions – this will help identify and support your skills
    • Build and empower stronger teams
    • Learn the skills needed to drive performance
    • Improve your communication and become a more respected manager
    • Think more strategically

    Made... for you

    • Focuses on the skills that you need to advance your career
    • Flexible and on-demand – works around your life and schedule
    • Access to our exclusive online community – this will let you connect to other finance leaders
    • Future proof your career – learning skills a computer can’t replicate

    Select the level that’s right for you!

    Everyone comes from a different background and is at a different place in their career – that’s why we offer a range of CMI level courses, from level 3 for the lower-level or aspiring manager all the way up to those with senior management experience at level 7.

    You can start at any level of CMI as the qualification is designed to be taken by people at different stages of their career.

    If you don’t already know which level you’re going to be working towards, find out more about them here…

      Level 3

      Perfect for aspiring managers

      You’ll get a broad range of knowledge with a range of
      materials, including resource management
      and team leadership.

      Level 5

      Perfect for middle managers

      Recruitment and information management will be
      covered at level 5, with a focus on developing
      core management skills.

      Level 7

      Perfect for senior managers

      Those that have a responsibility to change an
      organisational strategy into the reality of
      implementing it.

      What our customers have to say about us…

      The materials Astranti have produced are excellent. The website is clearly laid out and easy to navigate. The videos are informative and the workbooks are easy to follow with workbook exercises included to prompt thought on how the topics covered by the course can be applied to your particular work situation.

      You are supported by knowledgeable and approachable tutors and can take the course at your own pace to fit around your work and home life commitments.

      I would thoroughly recommend the course and have done so to my team at work.”

      Rachel via Trustpilot

      Astranti Customer, 2021

      Find more student comments on Trustpilot.

      “Astranti study materials are well detailed and easy to understand. 
      Thank you so much Astranti for making such detailed and informed materials available.”

      Obloma Flo via Trustpilot

      Astranti customer, 2020

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