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Want to pass your CIMA exams in the quickest and easiest possible way?

We have designed high-quality online courses for the CIMA E3, CIMA P3 and CIMA F3 exams that will give you the very best chance of passing! And we’re so confident you’ll agree we have a double guarantee that ensures you are completely satisfied.

Why study with us?

Focused on ensuring you pass

  •  Study texts focused on making complex topics easy to understand.
  • Video tuition covering everything you need to pass – Exclusive to the full course!
  • An exam practice kit with detailed solutions
  • Revision notes to enable you to revise quickly and easily.
  • Full syllabus coverage so you will be prepared for every exam topic
  • 5 mock exams containing exam standard questions
  • Experienced CIMA tutors on hand to answer all your questions
  • A personal coach to guide and support you through the course
  • An active online community so you feel part of a team working together to pass

Minimise study time

  • Our videos simplify each chapter into about an hour of focused tuition to enable you to learn the whole syllabus in the easiest and quickest way possible
  • Audio downloads are provided for you to listen whilst on the move
  • Our study text aims to simplify each topic using clear easy to understand examples so you pick topics up easily
  • Our revision notes mean you can quickly revise the whole syllabus
  • All courses are flexible so you can study wherever and whenever suits you
  • Detailed solutions to all questions mean you learn quickly from your mistakes

Value for money

  • We aim to provide the best value for money in the market with the highest quality products all at a great price
  • We work hard to ensure we have the highest quality study materials prepared by our highly trained staff
  • With everything online, we can regularly update our material to improve it based on student feedback
  • As everything is online we don’t have the overheads of many of our competitors. We are able to provide a wide range of materials at a price which is far lower than the market leading provider.
Our double guarantee

1. Money back guarantee

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our course materials and support, we have a 7-day full money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason we will refund your fees in full.

Our aim is to ensure you’re happy to try us out safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny if it’s not right for you.

2. Pass guarantee

You get full course access for 12 months as standard. However, if you still haven’t passed in that time, then we will extend your access until you do!

100% Satisfaction
Course content

Printable Online Study Text

  • Full CIMA syllabus coverage
  • Designed to simplify complex tasks to make them easy to follow
  • Simple examples are used to bring each topic to life
  • Covers everything you need to know to pass the exam
  • Regularly updated based on student feedback to continuously improve the learning experience

Tuition Videos

  • Full CIMA syllabus coverage
  • Presented in a clear, simple way to help you learn quickly and easily
  • Learn at your own pace, watching each video when it suits you
  • Revisit the areas of the syllabus that you find most challenging
  • Download audio versions to listen on the move
  • Exclusive to the full course

Exam Practice Kit

  • 10 revision questions per chapter to cement your knowledge learned
  • 5 difficult exam questions per chapter equivalent to the hardest you’ll see in the exam
  • That’s almost 300 questions for every exam
  • Our solutions are detailed! Understand exactly where you went wrong quickly and simply.

Mock Exams

  • 5 mock exams of 60 exam-style questions
  • Can be sat under timed conditions to replicate a real exam
  • Can be taken on a question by question basis to learn as you go
  • Detailed solutions so you understand where you went wrong quickly and easily

Revision Notes

  • Designed to enable you to revise quickly and easily in the last few days before the exam
  • Full syllabus coverage
  • Content aligned to the study text and videos to link to previous learning
  • Diagrammatic form which is ideal for visual learners

Tutor Support

  • A personal coach to guide and support you through the exam
  • Ask a tutor all your questions on our discussion boards or via email
  • See everyone else’s questions on our discussion board and discuss their ideas with them
  • Regular advice newsletter
What our students say

Please see our Live Testimonials Page for all our latest testimonials. Here are a couple of examples:

“I love the revision notes and the mock exams which really reflect the ot exams There is also so much information and advice available by the site which really gives you a boost of confidence. Recommended site to anyone studying CIMA.”

Vanita via Trustpilot

CIMA Student, June 2019

“The online portal is extremely useful and I used the videos as the basis for my revision. The mock exams are potentially the most important part of the pack as they provide a really good idea of where you are with your understanding and more importantly, your exam technique. Basically, use Astranti, pass your exams.”

Stephen Booth via Trustpilot

CIMA Student, April 2019

Best value for money

Giving students value for money is important to us. Being solely online allows us to have much lower overheads than other popular tuition providers in the market. As a result, this allows us to pass savings onto our students, meaning you get all of these great quality online study materials for a fraction of the price.

Why not check out the table below to see how our course compares to one of the popular tuition providers?

Market leader OnDemand course Astranti online course
Comprehensive study text

5 challenging mock exams

Revision notes

Exam practice kits

OnDemand tuition videos

Discussion and debate with other students

Online forum and discussion

Tutor support and personal exam coach

14-day money back guarantee

Full pass guarantee without charge

Cost  from £679 only £549
*Some popular providers offer the opportunity to book a callback with a tutor as part of their courses. This leads to higher priced courses as a result. To keep our course prices down, we instead give you access to our tutor monitored discussion boards, which we find are extremely popular among students. As our tutors monitor these discussion boards on a daily basis, you can use them to ask as many technical questions as you like throughout your studies.

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