CIMA Operational Case Study – Masterclasses – November 2021

Masterclass 1 – The keys to passing the OCS – Saturday 9th October

Our case study masterclass is the perfect introduction to the OCS exam, showing you exactly what it takes to pass the exam in a live online study environment that’s fully interactive and allows you to ask questions and clarify understanding as you progress through the day.

Our highly experienced tutor, Sandy Hood, who has now taught over 20 sittings of the operational case study exam, will help you to:

  • Understand what it takes to pass this exam, and what YOU will have to do to ensure you pass.

  • Find out what the examiner says you must do to pass OCS and what you must avoid.

  • Learn the skills of effective planning with our live demonstration of answer planning.

  • Gain an overview of the key points from the current pre-seen.

  • Learn how to use the pre-seen to score marks in the exam.

  • Be prepared for the 10 models most likely to be examined based on the current pre-seen.

  • Learn the writing style that maximises your marks in the exam.

  • Master your time management – the area many students tell us is the biggest barrier to them passing OCS.

So what exactly does masterclass 1 include?
The keys to passing the OCS

  • The 7 keys to passing OCS exam

  • What the examiner says you must do to pass, and what you must AVOID

Question planning

  • A live demonstration of how to plan your questions to focus your answers and score well
  • Tailoring your answers to the marking guide
  • OCS requirements can be unclear. How do you identify and deal with the right issues?

Time management

A key issue for many; how should you manage your time effectively?

Writing answers

  • Learn the keys to writing answers that score marks in the exam.
  • What does an excellent script look like?

The pre-seen and the key theory

  • A review of the main points from the pre-seen
  • Learn the 10 models from E1, P1 and F1 that are most likely to come up given the current pre-seen
  • Revision of those top 10 models
  • Application of the 10 models to the current pre-seen

How to prepare for the exam

  • How to prepare – it’s not just about knowing theory!
  • Planning your study time
  • The importance of hard work

So what do you get?

  • 6.5 hours of live video tuition
  • Full recording of the day – to watch again if you wish, or to watch later if you can’t attend the live event
  • Interactive chat box allowing you to get involved and ask the tutor all of the questions that you may have
Meet the tutor - Sandy Hood:

Meet the tutor - Sandy Hood:

Sandy has over 25 years of experience in the world of accountancy tuition and has hosted over 40 Astranti masterclasses. Find out more.

Masterclass 2 – the revision masterclass – Sunday 31st October

Masterclass 2 comes the weekend before your exam – the perfect time to help you master what is needed to get you those few extra marks to enable you to pass.

Our goal is to bring everything together, answer all your final questions, and ensure you maximise your marks on exam day.

OCS tutor Sandy Hood will again be your guide for the day, ensuring that you:

  • Learn what the examiner is saying are students’ key mistakes and identify which ones you are still making!

  • Learn our top 10 most likely issues in your exam based on the current pre-seen.

  • Identify if you are using the pre-seen information as you should be the examiner says you must!

  • Based on a script you have written, identify your key personal areas for improvement.

  • Learn our pre-prepared paragraphs based on your pre-seen to score extra marks in your exam.

  • Hear what our markers are saying about OCS scripts they are marking and what they say you should do to improve.

  • Review our key tips for saving time in the exam to ensure you complete every part on exam day.

  • Learn our top industry examples from our industry pack which you can use to score marks.

  • Share industry examples with others on the day to create a selection of great examples to use in your exam.

So what exactly does masterclass 2 include?

Give the examiners what they want

  • Walkthrough of the OCS post exam guide to find out exactly where past students made mistakes
  • Review a pre-prepared script against those problems and identify key areas for improvement
  • Clarify exactly what the examiner is looking for

Pre-learned paragraphs

  • Use pre-learned paragraphs to get surefire marks in the exam
  • Advice on how to use the theory appropriately according to the examiner

Time management

  • The post-exam guides regularly report many incomplete scripts – this section will give you our top tips for saving time, vital for passing the exam

What the markers say

  • Key comments from our OCS mock exam markers and the major issues that students have been having with their scripts
  • This helps to ensure you are not making the key mistakes others are making

Are you playing your role?

  • Review your role in the exam as a “manager” against the CIMA guidelines to see if you are following these in your script

Show the depth of answer the examiner wants to see

  • A key issue identified by the examiner is lack of detail in scripts
  • We will show you how to integrate detail and depth into your answers

Using industry examples to get marks

  • What the examiners have said about industry research and why it’s important
  • Review our top examples from our industry analysis guide that are most likely to gain you marks on exam day
  • Share your own industry examples and review which ones are best for you to use in your exam

How good is your script?

  • A review of all the keys to creating a great script
  • Review your own scripts to see what you need to do to gain more marks

The top 10 likely exam issues based on the pre-seen

  • Run-down of the most likely issues you will face in your exam – are you prepared for them?
  • Review of the key points from the pre-seen with an application exercise to see how well you can apply your knowledge to key issues

 So what do you get?

  • 6.5 hours of live video tuition
  • A full recording of the day, so you can watch again later.
  • Interactive chat box allowing you to get involved and ask the tutor all of the questions that you may have

Attending the Masterclasses:

You can attend our live masterclasses from anywhere in the world with a reliable internet connection, with the classes taking place between 9:00 and 15:30 UK time.

When you sign up you will receive an email with full details for attending the day before the event.

If you cannot attend or wish to re-watch the class, the full recording will be available shortly after the end of the live class.

What our students say

Please see our testimonials page for our latest student reviews. Here are a couple of examples:

“I’m delighted to say I passed my strategic case study using Astranti! I had a 10 year break and passed it on my first attempt with thanks to the masterclasses (especially masterclass 2!) and the case study videos!”

Katie Frost via Trustpilot

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, October 2019

I passed my OCS first time, thanks to Astranti’s full course. I can’t recommend it highly enough – in particular, the mock exam feedback, which was invaluable and really helped me to streamline my timing and answer structure for the exam. The preseen analysis was also brilliant as it really dug into the case and meant that I was very familiar with the company and scenario going into my exam. The masterclasses were also very useful.

Sarah via Trustpilot

CIMA Operational Case Study Student, April 2019

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