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Want to pass your CIMA exams in the quickest and easiest possible way?

We have designed a high-quality online course for the CIMA operational case study exam that will give you the very best chance of passing! And we’re so confident you’ll agree we have a double guarantee that ensures you are completely satisfied.

So what exactly is included on the course?

Complete pre-seen pack:

  • Pre-seen analysis video
  • Strategic analysis document & video
  • Top 10 issues document & video
  • Industry analysis document & video
  • Pre-seen knowledge question pack

3x Full tuition videos packs:

  • Part 1: “What does it take to pass the exam”
  • Part 2: “Exam planning and writing”
  • Part 3: “How to score high marks on the pre-seen”

Ethics pack:

  • Ethics document & video including 20 ethics-based questions and solutions

2x Study texts:

  • Part 1: “How to pass the operational case study”
  • Part 2: “Theory and the operational case study”

2x Live and recorded online masterclass days:

  • Masterclass 1: “Keys to passing the OCS”
  • Masterclass 2: “The revision masterclass”

4x Full mock exams: (3x mock exams for 2015 syllabus resit students)

  • Fully interactive online mock exams
  • Printable version of questions for offline use
  • Detailed online mock solutions

Detailed marking and feedback:

  • Dedicated OCS marker assigned to you for 3 of your mock exams
  • 9-page feedback document highlighting all of your strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve on before your final exam
  • Further support from your tutor as you work your way through the course

Double guarantee:

  • 14 day money back guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with our course, get your money back within 14 days
  • Pass guarantee: If you do not pass your final exam, but have completed our full course, we will add you to the next course absolutely free

Why study with us?

Focused on ensuring you pass

  • Pre-seen videos designed to show you how to maximise your application marks in the exam
  • Video tuition to show you how to plan and write answers that score high marks
  • 3 challenging mock exams tailored on your pre-seen with detailed solutions
  • Dedicated tutors providing marking and detailed feedback on how to improve
  • Experienced CIMA tutors on hand to answer all your questions
  • An active online community so you feel part of a team working together to pass
  • Ethics pack designed to guarantee you those extra few marks for this commonly tested topic

Minimise study time

  • Our case study specific pre-seen videos and documents simplify your studies enabling you to learn in the easiest and quickest way possible
  • Focused tuition videos help you learn what it takes to pass the exam in the minimum amount of time
  • Audio downloads are provided for you to listen whilst on the move
  • All courses are flexible so you can study wherever and whenever suits you
  • Detailed solutions to all questions mean you learn quickly from your mistakes
  • Our industry pack saves you from having to do your own industry research

Value for money

  • We aim to provide the best value for money in the market with the highest quality products all at a great price
  • We work hard to ensure we have the highest quality study materials prepared by our experienced and highly trained staff
  • With everything online, you can get your specific case study based material as soon as it is ready
  • As everything is online we don’t have the overheads of many of our competitors. We are able to provide a wide range of materials at a price which is far lower than the market leading provider.

Our double guarantee

1. Money back guarantee

To make sure that you are completely satisfied with our course materials and support, we have a 14-day full money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason we will refund your fees in full.

Our aim is to ensure you’re happy to try us out safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you a penny if it’s not right for you.

2. Pass guarantee

We believe that our case study course contains everything you need to pass your exam. However, if for whatever reason you get to results day and have not passed and you’ve completed the full course, we will enrol you on the next course absolutely free of charge.

100% Satisfaction

Course content

Pre-seen Materials

  • Full analysis of the pre-seen, picking out the most important snippets of information so that you don’t miss a thing
  • Strategic analysis that links the pre-seen to the key theories and models from the syllabus
  • An analysis of the top 10 most likely issues to appear in the final exam according to our case study experts
  • Our industry analysis provides an overview of the real-world industry that the pre-seen company belongs to, so you can apply this in the exam to score extra marks
  • 30 pre-seen knowledge questions designed to cement your knowledge learned

Mock Exams with Feedback

  • 4 fully timed computer-based mock exams, with challenging questions designed to replicate the real exam
  • Detailed solutions so you understand where you went wrong quickly and easily and to enable you to learn how to approach a similar question in the real exam
  • Comprehensive marking and feedback for 3 mock exams from your assigned expert tutor, giving you the best platform for focusing your remaining studies and improving your answers

Printable Online Study Texts

  • Part 1 focuses on what it takes to pass the case study exam, to ensure that you go into the exam with the ability to answer each question to maximise your marks
  • Part 2 designed to refresh all of your syllabus knowledge relevant to the case study exams. We take the most commonly examined theory from E1, F1 and P1 and summarise that for you so you can review theory quickly and easily
  • Take the study text with you wherever you are, with both the online and printable versions

Tuition Videos

  • Get to grips with the case study exam and find out exactly what it takes to pass
  • Perfect your exam planning and writing technique
  • Find out how to maximise the marks that you score in your final exam
  • Learn how to provide the best answers written down in the right way, within the time given in the exam
  • Hear exactly what the examiners say about how to pass the case study exam and the mistakes that past students made

Ethics Pack

  • Ethics is the most commonly examined topic at operational case study. As such it’s the most important topic for you to revise
  • Our ethics video shows you how to pass ethics questions in the exam
  • Our 20 practice questions enable you to master a range of ethical questions and practise the specific method that is proven to enable you to pass these questions

Tutor Support

  • Attend 2 LIVE online masterclass days and get instant answers to your questions from our experienced OCS tutor using our interactive chat box throughout each session
  • Ask further questions on our discussion boards or via email
  • Regular advice newsletter
  • Tailored support from your personally assigned exam marker, with all of the experience you could need to give you the best advice needed to ensure you pass the exam
Course structure

Week 1

Pre-seen Released

The official CIMA pre-seen release date marks the start of our course. Work your way through our pre-seen materials.

Exam Technique

Watch the Course Tuition Videos to learn what it takes to pass this exam. Refer to Study Text Part 1 which supports this. Undertake the writing and planning exercises in Study Text Part I.

Week 2

Your Marker will be assigned

If you are a full course student, an email will be sent out to you with details of your assigned marker. They’ll be there to support you through the next few weeks of your studies.

Attend Masterclass 1

This will recap the key learning’s to date in the videos and give you a chance to ask questions and meet other students. The class starts at 9am and ends at 3.30 pm (UK time).

Week 3

Theory and the Case Study Exam

The aim is to read through other sections of Study Text Part 2 over the next few weeks, recapping key areas of theory, focusing on any areas of weakness that come out of the mock exams.

Mock 1 Deadline

Full course mock 1 deadline – Complete mock and send to your marker

Week 4


Ethics is THE MOST COMMONLY EXAMINED TOPIC in this exam. You must master this subject if you are going to pass.

Review Mock Feedback

Review Mock 1 feedback when returned by marker and create a list of the key points you will commit to improve on prior to the next mock.

Mock 2 Deadline

Full course mock 2 deadline – complete mock exam and send to your marker

Week 5

Review Mock Feedback

Review Mock 2 feedback when returned by marker and create a list of the key points you will commit to improve on prior to the next mock.

Mock 3 Deadline

Full course mock 3 deadline – complete mock exam and send to your marker

Week 6

Review Mock Feedback

Review Mock 3 feedback when returned by marker and create a list of the key points you will commit to improve on prior to the next mock.

Attend Masterclass 2

This will recap the key learning’s to date in the videos and give you a chance to ask questions and meet other students. The class starts at 9am and ends at 3.30 pm (UK time).

Week 7

Exam Week

Final revision – Exams take place between Tuesday and Saturday on the exam week.

Take the exam – Go in with a positive attitude.

Rest – AND then take a huge sigh of relief and a few weeks of well deserved rest!

What our students say

Please see our Live Testimonials Page for all our latest testimonials. Here are a couple of examples:

“The case study courses provided by Astranti prepare you very well for the exam. An essential part of passing the case study exam is a structured, balanced approach with strict time management. Astranti exactly prepares you for this. I really recommend the feedback for the mock exam by an assigned marker. This is of enormous help to understand your weaknesses and how you deal with structure and time management!”

Adrian Z via Trustpilot

CIMA Case Study Student, June 2019

“Astranti were absolutely vital in helping me to pass this exam first time, the masterclasses, condensed notes and Mock exams are brilliant in preparing you for the exam. I cannot recommend them highly enough if you want the best chance of succeeding first time in your OCS exam.”

Rushil via Trustpilot

Passed CIMA OCS, December 2019

Best value for money

Giving students value for money is important to us. Being solely online allows us to have much lower overheads than other popular tuition providers in the market. As a result, this allows us to pass savings onto our students, meaning you get all of these great quality online study materials for a fraction of the price.

Why not check out the table below to see how our course compares to one of the popular tuition providers?

Market leader OnDemand course Astranti online course
Comprehensive study text

Pre-seen analysis

Focused tuition on how to pass the exam

Exam revision day

Mock exams

Marking and Feedback on mock exams

Discussion and debate with other students

Classroom based

Experienced tutors

Online forum and discussion

Ongoing tutor support

Flexible learning at your convenience

Industry analysis overview and guide

14-day money back guarantee

Full pass guarantee without charge

Cost  starting from £1,099 only £699

*Some popular providers offer the opportunity to book a callback with a tutor as part of their courses. This leads to higher priced courses as a result. To keep our course prices down, we instead give you access to our tutor monitored discussion boards, which we find are extremely popular among students. As our tutors monitor these discussion boards on a daily basis, you can use them to ask as many technical questions as you like throughout your studies.

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