CIMA Operational Case Study – August 2019

Must attend FREE event for OCS students…

We have a LIVE Q&A session coming up – and it’s free!

The session will be hosted by our OCS tutor, James Nutting at 1pm (UK time) on Monday 1st July.

Many of you will recognise James from the most recent OCS pre-seen analysis videos.

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s been our operational case study tutor for the last TEN case study sittings. He’s basically the GO-TO-GUY when it comes to the OCS exam!

However, unlike his pre-seen videos, this LIVE session is all about YOUR QUESTIONS… Perhaps you’ve got a question about the August pre-seen? Or maybe you need clarification on the best way to approach the case study exam? If so, James will be on hand to help!

In order to have the best chance of having YOUR questions answered, I’d strongly recommend that you submit them on the Q&A page BEFORE the session starts. 


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